High School and Beyond!

This week 8th grade students left their history classes to meet with the CKHS Career and College counselor in the library. They took a career inventory to see what kind of jobs they’d like to do and then starting talking about their high school and beyond plan. Students chose four  career options to do a bit more research on and seemed to have fun exploring the options. If you are parents of  8th graders, chat with them about this experience. What did they find out? What careers did they research? What kind of classes would they need to take for that career option? If you don’t have an 8th grader, chat about their future and start some fun career conversations. What types of jobs would they like?  Do they want to work inside or outdoors? Do they want to work with people or more independent?  Tell your kids about all the jobs you’ve had and how you got there. Talk to them about your own career goals; what you might like to do from here? Enjoy your conversations! And, as always,

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