5th Grade Visit

On Monday, next year’s 6th graders came up from the elementary schools to visit CKMS. Other than our WEB and ASB leaders, most of our students were totally unaware that this happened, however we still believe it would make for an interesting dinner table topic. Ask your child if they remember their 5th grade visit to CKMS (if they came). Ask what they remember thinking and feeling that day. Ask how CKMS is different than what they thought during that visit. What do they think are the most important things CKMS should share with incoming 6th graders about our school?
For our 6th and 7th graders, you can start the conversation about how they plan to be leaders and supportive helpers to those 6th graders next year. What could they do in the halls when they pass next year’s 6th graders to make this more welcoming for them?
Enjoy your conversations! And, as always, we’re here if you have questions or concerns. David Keller (360)662-2344; Morgan Collins (360)662-2343; and Linda Roberts, Coun…

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