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We, the Counseling Department, like to contribute to School Messenger with some dinner table topics you can chat about with your kid!  Rather than ask the ever-so-popular, "How was school?" question, and get the hugely specific and thought provoking "OK" response, we thought we could offer some table topics for you like “Fun Things Happening at the School”,  or Conversation Starters About Being a Middle Schooler at CKMS.” Special thanks to Heather for the awesome idea!

So while I’m sure there have been plenty of conversations with your child about teachers, classes, and friends, we’d love our first dinner table topic to be about… us! We’d love if you’d talk to your student about how they could use their counselor here at CKMS. I like to joke with students who are hesitant to come talk to me that I get a paycheck every month to be their counselor and they can’t let me get away with taking money for nothing! They have to make me earn it! So, does your child know who h…

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